BSPK Members

Dear Visitors. BSPK under the statute consists of Independent Trade Unions as an integral part.
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Independent Trade Unions of BSPK
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1. United Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosova (SBASHK)
2. Federal Union of Health (FSSHK)
3. Kosovo Police Union (SPK)
4. Independent Energy Union of Kosovo (SPEK)
5. Independent Union of Jurisprudence of Kosovo (SPJK)
6. Independent Union of Administration (SPAK)
7. Independent Union Agrokompleks of Kosovo (SPAgK)
8. Independent Metal Union of Kosovo (SPMK)
9. Independent Trade Union of Municipal Housing Operations of Kosovo (SPVKBK)
10. Independent Union of Construction and Design of Kosovo (SPNPK)
11. Federation of Metallurgy and Chemical Industry of Kosovo (FMIKK)